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Unless otherwise indicated, the books found on thegospel.ng website are all free resources that have been made open and available online. We make moderate sizes of these resources available on our site only for easy download to facilitate the spiritual growth of young believers.

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Andrew Wommack Collections [24 books]

  1. A Better Way To Pray
  2. A Year of Devotions
  3. Christian Philosophy_ Everyone
  4. Colossians (Life For Today Bible Commentary)
  5. Don’t Limit God_ Imagine Yourself Successful
  6. Effortless Change
  7. Ephesians (Life For Today Bible Commentary)
  8. Every Day with Jesus
  9. Financial Stewardship
  10. Galatians (Life For Today Bible Commentary)
  11. God Wants You Well
  12. Grace: The Power of The Gospel
  13. Hardness of Heart
  14. Harnessing Your Emotions
  15. How to Become a Water Walker
  16. How to Find, Follow, Fulfill Godswill
  17. Lessons from David_ How to Be a Giant Killer
  18. Lessons From Elijah
  19. Lessons From The Christmas Story
  20. Living in the Balance of Grace and Faith
  21. Matthew – (Life For Today Bible Commentary)
  22. Philippians (Life For Today Bible Commentary)
  23. Sharper Than A Two-Edged Sword
  24. Spirit, Soul, & Body

Apostle Frequency Revelator [4 books]

  1. Deeper Revelations of The Anointing
  2. The realm of power
  3. The realm of the miraculous

Apostle Joshua Selman [13 books]

  1. How to host the power of God
  2. How to identify and break the curses
  3. How to know God
  4. How to remain powerful
  5. Six (6) major reasons why you must be prayerful
  6. How to access heaven’s supply
  7. Five (5) scripture that will change your destiny
  8. How to discover your purpose
  9. How to get Honour
  10. How to get the power of God
  11. Spiritual intelligence
  12. The creative Power of the scripture
  13. The Mystery of night prayers

AW Tozer [21 books]

  1. A-W-Tozer-Best-of-a-W-Tozer
  2. Experiencing the Presence of God
  3. God’s Pursuit of Man
  4. God’swill by George Muller & A W Tozer
  5. Knowledge of the Holy
  6. Living as a Christian
  7. Man_ The Dwelling Place of God
  8. Mornings with Tozer_ Daily Devotional Readings
  9. My Daily Pursuit_ Devotions for everyday
  10. Pursuit Of God
  11. Reclaiming Christianity_ A Call to Authentic faith
  12. That Incredible Christian
  13. The Life of A.W. Tozer_ In Pursuit for God
  14. The Purpose of Man – Designed to Worship
  15. The Pursuit of God_ Updated Edition
  16. The Root of the Righteous
  17. The Worship Driven Life
  18. Tozer_ Mystery of the Holy Spirt
  19. Voice of a Prophet_ Who Speaks
  20. Witnessing-Tozer
  21. Worshipping The Lamb Who Was Slain

Benny Hinn [13 books]

  1. Going Deeper With The Holy Spirit
  2. Good Morning Holy Spirit
  4. He Touched Me
  5. Revival Glory
  6. Rise Be Healed
  7. The Anointing
  8. The Blood
  9. The Day After A Miracle
  10. Total Recovery
  11. Unmasked
  12. Welcome, Holy Spirit
  13. Your Will Lord Not Mine

Billy Graham [20 books]

  1. America’s pastor _ Billy Graham and the shaping of a nation
  2. Answers To Life’s Problems
  3. Billy Graham _ American pilgrim
  4. Billy Graham _ His Life and Influence
  5. Death And The Life After
  6. Hope for the Troubled Heart_ Finding God in the Midst of Pain
  7. Hope For Each Day: Morning and Evening
  8. How To Be Born Again
  9. Just as I am_ The Autobiography of Billy Graham
  10. Nearing home _ Life, Faith, And Finishing Well
  11. Peace With God
  12. Storm Warning
  13. The Billy Graham Christian Workers Handbook
  14. The Faithful Christian_ An Anthology of Billy Graham
  15. The Holy Spirit_ Activating God’s Power in Your Life
  16. The Leadership Secrets of Billy Graham
  17. The Heaven Answer Book
  18. The Journey
  19. The Secret Of Happiness
  20. World Aflame

Billy Joe Daugherty Book

  1. Building stronger marriages and families

Bishop David Oyedepo Books [23 books]

  2. Looking Unto Jesus
  3. Operating In The Supernatural
  4. Bible sense for getting into marriage
  5. Born To Win
  6. Breaking the Curses of Life
  7. Building a successful marriage
  8. Conquering Controlling Powers
  9. Path to Greatness
  10. Dynamics of Holiness
  11. Excellency of Wisdom
  12. Exploits in Ministry
  14. Making Marriage Work
  16. Raising Godly Children
  18. The Healing Balm
  19. Understanding Divine Direction
  20. Walking In The Miraculous
  21. Walking in the Newness of Life
  22. Walking In Wisdom
  23. You Shall Not Be Barren

BOB SORGE Books [4 books]

  1. A Covenant With My Eyes (EPUB File)
  2. In His Face_ A Prophetic Call to Renewed
  3. Secrets of the Secret Place Keys to Igniting Your Personal Time With God
  4. Unrelenting Prayer

Charles and Frances Hunter Books [39 books]

  1. A Daily Declaration Brings Us Closer to God – Frances Hunter
  2. Angels On Assignment – Charles and Frances Hunter
  3. Are You Tired – Frances Hunter
  4. Compel Them To Come – Frances Hunter
  5. Don’t Be Afraid Of Fear – Frances Hunter
  6. DON’T LIMIT GOD – Charles Hunter
  7. Feasting On Prosperity – Frances Hunter
  8. Get Ready! Get Ready ! Get Ready! – Frances Hunter
  9. Go Man Go! – Frances Hunter
  10. God s Big If – Frances Hunter
  11. God’s Conditions For Prosperity – Charles Hunter
  12. Handbook For Healing – Charles and Frances Hunter
  13. Healing Is For You – Frances Hunter
  14. His Power Through You – Charles and Frances Hunter
  15. Hotline To Heaven – Frances Hunter
  16. How Do You Treat My Son Jesus – Frances Hunter
  17. HOW TO DEVELOP YOUR FAITH – Frances Hunter (TheGospel.NG)
  18. How to Make the Word COME ALIVE – Frances Hunter
  19. How To Make Your Marriage Exciting – Charles and Frances Hunter
  20. How To Receive And Maintain A Healing – Charles & Frances Hunter
  21. How to Receive & Minister the Baptism of the Holy Spirit -Charles & Frances Hunter
  22. How To Walk In Victory Everyday of your Life – Charles & Frances Hunter
  23. I Don’t Follow Signs & Wonders_ They Follow Me – Charles & Frances Hunter
  24. If You Really Love Me – Frances Hunter
  25. I’M SO GLAD TO BE ALIVE – Frances Hunter
  26. IMPOSSIBLE MIRACLES – Charles & Frances Hunter
  27. Let This Mind Be In You – Frances Hunter
  28. MEMORIZING MADE EASY – Frances Hunter
  29. Miracles Miracles Miracles – Charles & Frances Hunter
  30. Shout The Word, Stop The Thief – Frances Hunter
  31. Since Jesus Passed By – Charles Hunter
  32. Strength For Today – Frances Hunter
  34. The Angel Book – Charles & Frances Hunter
  35. The Devil Wants Your Mind – Frances Hunter
  36. The Two Sides Of A Coin – Charles & Frances Hunter
  37. There Are Two Kinds of_ Charles & Frances Hunter
  38. Why Should I Speak In Tongues – Charles & Frances Hunter
  39. You Can Do It, Too! – Charles & Frances Hunter

Charles Finney Books [10 books]

  1. Power From On High
  2. Life of Charles Finney
  3. Calling Down Fire
  4. An Autobiography of Charles-Finney
  5. Lectures On Systematic Theology
  6. Lectures To Professing Christians
  7. Memoirs of Rev.Charles-G.Finney
  8. Sermons On Gospel Themes
  9. The Character Claims And Practical Workings Of Freemasonry
  10. The Way Of Salvation

Charles Spurgeon Books [18 books]

  1. A Defense of Calvinism
  2. A Marvelous Ministry
  3. A Puritan Catechism
  4. According to Promise
  5. Words of Warning For Daily Life
  7. Charles Spurgeon Autobiography Vol.I
  8. Charles Spurgeon Autobiography Vol.II
  9. Charles Spurgeon Autobiography Vol.III
  10. Life story of CH Spurgeon Biography – James Allen
  11. Words of Wisdom for Daily Life
  12. All of Grace
  13. Till He Comes
  14. The Beatitudes
  15. The Golden Alphabet
  16. The Gospel Focus of Charles Spurgeon – Steven J. Lawson
  17. The Prayer of Jabez
  18. Words of Council For Workers

Chris Oyakhilome Books [14 books]

  2. How to Pray Effectively Volume 1
  3. Don’t Pack Your Bag Yet _ Anita Chris Oyakhilome
  4. Holy Spirit And You
  5. How to Make Your Faith Work
  6. How to Pray Effectively
  7. Join this Chariot
  8. Praying the Right Way
  9. Seven Things the Holy Spirit Will do for you
  10. The Gates of Zion
  11. The Power of Tongues
  12. The Seven Spirit Of God
  13. When God Visits You
  14. Your Rights in Christ

Cindy Trimm Books [13 books]

  1. 40 Days to Discovering the Real You (EPUB)
  2. 40 Days to Reclaiming Your Soul (EPUB)
  3. Commanding Your Morning (EPUB)
  4. Commanding Your Morning Daily Devotional (EPUB)
  5. PUSH_ Persevere Until Success Happens Through Prayers (EPUB)
  6. Reclaim Your Soul_ Your Journey To Personal Empowerment (EPUB)
  7. The 40 Day Soul Fast_ Your Journey To Authentic Living (EPUB)
  8. The Art of War for Spiritual Battle (EPUB)
  9. The Prayer Warrior’s Way (EPUB)
  10. The Rules of Engagement (EPUB)
  11. The Rules of Engagement for Overcoming Your Past (EPUB)
  12. ‘Til Heaven Invades Earth (PDF)
  13. When Kingdoms Clash: Strategies for Prayer in the Heat of Battle (EPUB)

Creflo A. Dollar JR Books [11 books]

  1. Confidence: The Missing Substance of Faith
  2. The Covenant Connector
  3. Deliverance from Fear
  4. Exposing The Spirit of Competitive Jealousy
  5. Force of Integrity
  6. In the Presence of God
  7. The Anointing to Live
  8. The Divine Order of Faith
  9. The Results of Neglect
  10. The Sins of the Mouth
  11. Uprooting the Spirit of Fear

CS Lewis Books [8 books]

  1. A Grief Observed
  2. Mere Christianity
  3. The Problem of Pain
  4. The Chronicles of Narnia
  5. Out of the Silent Planet
  6. The Collected Letters of C.S. Lewis
  7. The Screwtape Letters
  8. The Grand Miracle

Dag Heward-Mills Books [37 books]

  1. 100% Answered Prayer
  2. All About Fornication
  3. Aspersions
  4. Backsliding
  5. Bearing Fruit After Your Own Kind
  6. Born Again
  7. Catch the Anointing
  8. Church Growth
  10. Fathers And Loyalty
  11. Loyalty and Disloyalty
  13. Pastoral Ministry
  14. Daughter Get Understanding
  15. Demons and how to deal with them
  16. Duality
  17. Excellence in Leadership
  18. FAQs on Marriage and Relationship
  19. Forgiveness Made Easy
  20. Formula For Humility
  21. Good Assistants and Bad Assistants
  23. How to Test Loyalty
  24. Life and Loyalty
  25. Ministering With Signs and Wonders
  26. Model Marriage
  27. Name It! Claim It! Take It!
  28. Opportunities
  29. Quiet Time (School of The Word)
  30. The Art of Hearing
  31. The Art of Leadership
  32. The Art of Shepherding
  33. The Laws of Loyalty
  34. The Stages of Disloyalty
  35. Those Who Forget
  36. Transform Your Pastoral Ministry
  37. Why Non tithing Christians Become Poor

David Yonggi Cho Books [3 books]

Ministering Hope For 50 Years
Fourth-Dimensional Spirituality in a Three-Dimensional World
Prayer That Brings Revival

Derek Prince Books [61 books]

  1. Atonement. Your Appointment With God
  2. Authority and Power of God’s Word
  3. Baptism in the Holy Spirit
  4. Be Perfect – but How
  5. Blessing or Curse. You Can Choose
  6. Bought With Blood
  7. By Grace Alone.
  8. Called to Conquer
  9. Complete Salvation
  10. Declaring God’s Word
  11. Derek Prince on Experiencing God’s Power
  12. Does Your Tongue Need Healing
  13. Entering The Presence Of God
  14. Eternal Judgment
  15. Explaining Blessings and Curses
  16. Faith To Live By
  17. Fasting
  18. Fatherhood
  19. Founded on the Rock
  20. Gifts of the Spirit
  21. God is a Matchmaker
  22. God’s Plan for Your Money
  23. God’s Medicine Bottle
  24. God’s Remedy for Rejection
  25. God’s Will For Your Life
  26. God’s Word Heals
  27. How to Fast Successfully
  28. How to Pass From Curse to Blessing
  29. Husbands and Fathers
  31. Keys to Successful Living
  32. Laying on Hands
  33. Living as Salt and Light
  34. Lucifer Exposed
  35. My Life Story
  36. Our Debt to Israel
  37. Power In The Name
  38. Prayers and Proclamations
  39. Praying for the Government
  40. Prophetic Guide to the End Times
  41. Protection from Deception
  42. Pulling Down Strongholds
  43. Receiving God’s Best
  44. Secrets of a Prayer Warrior
  45. Set Apart for God
  46. Shaping History Through Prayer and Fasting
  47. Spiritual Warfare
  48. Surviving the Last Days
  49. The Divine Exchange
  50. The Grace of Yielding
  51. The Harvest Just Ahead
  52. The Holy Spirit in You
  53. The Promise Of Provision
  54. The Three Most Powerful Words
  55. They Shall Expel Demons
  56. Through the Psalms with Derek Prince
  57. Ultimate Security. Finding a Refuge
  58. War in Heaven
  59. Where Wisdom Begins
  60. You Matter To God
  61. You Shall Receive Power

Dr. DK Olukoya Books [24 books]

  1. 30 Things Anointing Can Do For
  2. 100 Reasons Why Sex Must Wait Until Marriage
  3. 101 Weapons of Spiritual Warfare
  4. Command the Morning
  5. Crucifixion of Poverty
  6. Deliverance from Evil Foundation
  7. Dealing With Hidden Curses
  8. Deep Secret Deep Deliverance
  9. Power against Anti-breakthrough Powers
  10. Healing Through prayers
  11. Power Against Marine Spirits
  12. Power to Recover Your Birthright
  13. Prayer Passport to Crush Oppression
  14. Prayers to Destroy Diseases and Infirmities
  15. Praying By The Blood Of Jesus
  16. Praying to Dismantle Witchcraft
  17. The Deep Truth About Marriage
  18. The Gate of Your Life
  19. The God of Elijah
  20. The Secrets of Spiritual Growth
  21. Ways to Provoke Divine Vengeance
  22. When God Fights for You
  23. When the Enemy is Already Inside
  24. Your Marriage and Your Ancestry

Dr. Gary Smalley Books [2 books]

  1. For Better or for Best
  2. If Only He knew

Elizabeth George Books [3 books]

  1. A Girl After God’s Own Heart
  2. A Woman After God’s Own Heart
  3. Raising a Daughter After God’s Own Heart

Gary Chapman Books [6 books]

  1. The 5 Love Languages_ The Secret to Love
  2. Hope for the Separated (EPUB)
  3. Love as a Way of Life (EPUB)
  4. Love is a Verb Devotional (EPUB)
  5. Now You’re Speaking My Language (EPUB)
  6. The 4 Seasons of Marriage

Gbile Akanni Books [7 books]

  1. Battle For The Young
  2. Costly Assumption
  3. Obedience
  4. The Price For Leadership
  5. Timely Warning
  6. What Fits A Man For Leadership
  7. When Revival Comes

George Muller Books [8 books]

  1. A Quiet Time Book
  2. Answers To Prayer
  3. Counsel to Christians
  4. George Muller Of Bristol
  5. George Muller On Personal Devotions
  6. George Muller: The Man of Faith and Miracles
  7. George Muller and the Secret of His Power in Prayer
  8. The Autobiography of George Muller

John Bunyan Books [7 books]

  1. A Few Sighs From Hell
  3. Life of Bunyan
  4. The Holy War
  6. The Pilgrim’s Progress
  7. The Acceptable Sacrifice

John G Lake Books [17 books]

  1. Divine Healing
  2. John G Lake Biography
  3. From the Diary of John G. Lake
  4. Moses Rebuke
  5. John G Lake On Healing
  6. John G Lake Sanctification
  7. The Baptism in the Holy Ghost
  8. The Holy Ghost Made Manifest
  9. The Real Christian
  10. How to be filled with spiritual power
  11. John G. Lake on Dominion
  12. Spiritual Hunger
  13. John G Lake Adventures in God
  14. Your Power In The Holy Spirit
  15. The Collected Works of John G. Lake
  16. Living in Gods Power
  17. Spiritual Hunger and Other Sermons

John Piper Books [16 books]

  1. Amazing Grace in the Life of William Wilberforce
  2. Coronavirus and Christ
  3. Counted Righteous In Christ
  4. The Pastor as Scholar & The Scholar as Pastor
  5. Desiring God Study Guide
  6. Don’t Waste Your Life
  7. For Your Joy
  8. Future of Justification
  9. God is the Gospel
  10. Holy Ambition
  11. Fifty Reasons why Jesus Came to Die
  12. A Tribute To My Father
  13. Thinking.Loving.Doing
  14. Preparing For Marriage
  15. The Race, Cross and Christian Bloodlines
  16. Think

Joyce Meyer Books [17 books]

  1. 100 Ways to Simplify Your Life
  2. Approval Addiction
  3. Battlefield of the Mind Workbook
  4. My Personal Notes On Finance
  5. Starting Your Day Right (Devotional)
  6. Straight Talk On Discouragement
  7. Straight Talk On Loneliness
  8. Straight Talk On Overcoming Emotional Battles
  9. The confident woman
  10. The Everyday Life Bible Commentary
  11. The Love Revolution
  12. The Power of Determination
  13. The Mind Connection
  14. The Secret Power of Speaking God’s Word
  15. Weary Warriors, Fainting Saints
  16. When, God, When
  17. Worry Free Living

Kathryn Kuhlman Books [12 books]

  1. 10,000 Miles for a Miracle
  2. Glimpse Into Glory
  3. God Can Do It Again
  4. Heart to Heart Volume 1
  5. I Believe in Miracles
  6. Daughter of Destiny
  7. Kathryn Kuhlman_ Her Biography by Roberts Liardon
  8. Victory in Jesus
  9. Never Too Late
  10. Nothing Is Impossible With God
  11. The Greatest Power in the World
  12. The Lord’s Healing Touch

Kenneth & Gloria Copeland Books [100+ Files]

  1. 3 Steps to the Good Life – Gloria Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  2. A House NOT Divided – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  3. A Matter of Choice – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  4. A Ceremony of Marriage – Kenneth-Copeland (PDF FILE)
  5. And Jesus Healed Them All – Gloria Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  6. Are You Ready – Gloria Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  7. Be a Vessel of Honor – Gloria Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  8. Blessed Beyond Measure_ Experience the Extraordinary Goodness of God – Gloria Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  9. Blessed to Be a Blessing – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  10. Build Your Financial Foundation – Gloria Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  11. Coming Through the Fire – Gloria Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  12. Do You Fit the Profile Of A Pro – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  13. Don’t Buy the Lie (Mini Book) – Gloria Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  14. Don’t Give Up–Double Up – Gloria Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  15. Dream Big Talk Big and Turn You – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  16. Evangelism Made Personal – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  17. Faith And Patience – Kenneth Copeland (PDF FILE)
  18. Family Promises – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  19. Force of Faith – Kenneth Copeland (PDF FILE)
  20. Freedom From Fear – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  21. From Faith to Faith_ A Daily Guide to Victory – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  22. Giving and Receiving – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  23. Go With the Flow! – Gloria Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  24. God Has Your Miracle on His Mind – Gloria Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  25. God’s Master Plan for Your Life – Gloria Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  26. God’s Will Is Prosperity – Gloria Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  27. Gods Will Is The Holy Spirit – Gloria Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  28. Harvest of Health – Gloria Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  29. He Did It All For You – Kenneth Copeland ((EPUB FILE)
  30. Healing Confessions Booklet – Gloria Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  31. Hidden Treasures_ Abundant Life – Gloria Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  32. Honor – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  33. How Much Are You Willing to Receive – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  34. How to Always Choose Gods Best – Gloria Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  35. How to Conquer Strife – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  36. How to Discipline Your flesh Kenneth Copeland (PDF FILE)
  37. How to Receive Communion – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  38. How To Receive God’s Blessing – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  39. How to Study the Bible – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  40. How To Unclutter Your Heart (Mini Book) – Gloria Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  41. How You Call It Is How It Will – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  42. In It to Win It – Gloria Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  43. In Love There Is No Fear – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  44. Kenneth Copeland – A Matter of Choice (PDF FILE)
  45. Know Your Enemy_ Unveiling Your – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  46. Laws of Prosperity – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  47. Limitless Love_ A 365-Day Devotional – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  48. Live Long, Finish Strong: The Divine Secret to Living Healthy, Happy and Healed – Gloria Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  49. Living at the End of Time – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  50. Living In Heavens Blessing Now – Gloria Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  51. Load Up Pocket Devotional – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  52. Looking for a Receiver – Gloria Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  53. Love Letters From Heaven – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  54. Love Never Fails – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  55. Love–The Secret to Your Success – Gloria Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  56. Managing God’s Mutual Funds – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  57. Mercy_ The Divine Rescue – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  58. No Deposit – No Return – Gloria Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  59. Now Are We in Christ Jesus – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  60. One Word From God Can Change Your Family – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  61. One Word From God Can Change Your Finances – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  62. One Word From God Can Change Your Health – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  63. One Word From God Can Change Your Nation – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  64. One Word From God Can Change Your Nation – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  65. Only One Thing – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  66. Our Covenant With God – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  67. Pleasing the Father – Gloria Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  68. Prayer – Your Foundation For Success – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  69. Pursuit Of His Presence – Kenneth Copeland (PDF FILE)
  70. Raising Children Without Fear – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  71. Receive As A Child Live Like A Child – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  72. Sensitivity of Heart – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  73. Shine On – Overcoming Persecution – Gloria Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  74. Six Steps to Excellence in Ministry – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  75. Sorrow Not! – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  76. Stir Yourself Up – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  77. The Blessing of The Lord – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  78. The Decision Is Yours – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  79. The Force Of Faith (2012 Edition) – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  80. The Force of Righteousness – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  81. The Grace That Makes Us Holy – Gloria Copeland(EPUB FILE)
  82. The Image of God in You – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  83. The Mercy of God – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  84. The Outpouring Of The Spirit – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  85. The Plan That Never Fails – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  86. The Power of the Tongue – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  87. The Power to Be Forever Free – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  88. The Protection of Angels – Gloria Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  89. The Troublemaker – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  90. The Unbeatable Spirit of Faith – Gloria Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  91. The Winning Attitude – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  92. There Is No High Like the Most – Gloria Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  93. This Same Jesus – Gloria Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  94. Time for A Spiritual Checkup – Gloria Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  95. To Know Him_ Beyond Religion Waits a Relationship That Will Change Your Life – Gloria Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  96. True Prosperity – Gloria Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  97. Tune In to the Voice of God – Kenneth Copeland (PDF FILE)
  98. Turn Your Hurts Into Harvests – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  99. Walk With God – Gloria Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  100. Walking in the Realm of the Miracles – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  101. Welcome To The Family – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  102. Well Worth the Wait – Gloria Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  103. You Are Healed! – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  104. Your Promise of Protection – Gloria Copeland (EPUB FILE)
  105. Your Right Standing with God – Kenneth Copeland (EPUB FILE

Kenneth E. Hagin Books [39 books]

  1. A Commonsense Guide To Fasting
  2. Another Look at Faith – Kenneth W Hagin JR
  3. El Shaddai
  4. Healing Belongs to Us
  5. Health Food Devotions
  6. His Name Shall Be Called
  7. Is Your Miracle Passing You By
  8. A Fresh Anointing
  9. FAITH By Saying and Praying
  10. He Gave Gifts Unto Men, A Biblical Approach to Apostles, Prophets and Pastor
  11. How To Be Led By The Spirit Of God
  12. Mountain Moving Faith
  13. Praying to Get Results
  14. Redeemed From Poverty, Sickness, and Spiritual Death
  15. Right and Wrong Thinking
  16. The Art of Prayer
  17. The Bible Evidence of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit
  18. The Key to Scriptural Healing
  19. The Midas Touch
  20. The Ministry Gifts
  21. The Real Faith
  22. Love – The Way to Victory
  23. What Faith Is
  24. Seven Vital Steps to Receiving the Holy Spirit
  25. Exceedingly Growing Faith
  26. Growing Up Spiritually
  27. Prayer-Secrets
  28. The Gift of Prophecy
  29. Understanding How to Fight The Good Fight of Faith
  30. Why Tongues
  31. Kingdom Principles
  32. Obedience in Finances
  33. The Believers Authority
  34. The Coming Restoration
  35. The Holy Spirit and His Gifts
  36. The Key To The Supernatural
  37. The Triumphant Church
  38. The Women Question
  39. Tongues Beyond the Upper Room

Lisa Bevere Books [3 books]

  1. ADAMANT: Finding truth in a universe of opinions
  2. Fear of the Lord – John Bevere
  3. Out of Control and Loving It

Lisa Osteen Comes Book

Six Lies the Devil Uses to Destroy Marriage

Mark & Patti Virkler Books [2 books]

Hearing God
Prayers That Heal The Heart

Mary Baxter Books [4 books]

  1. A Divine Revelation Of Heaven
  2. A Divine Revelation of the Spirit Realm
  3. A Divine Revelation of Hell
  4. A Divine Revelation of Angels

Max Lucado Books [9 books]

  1. Anxious for Nothing (Study Guide)
  2. Cure for the Common Life
  3. Just in Case You Ever Wonder
  4. Lucado Devotional Bible, NCV: Experiencing the Heart of Jesus
  5. Pocket Prayers 40 Simple Prayers That Brings Peace and Rest
  6. Ten Men of the Bible: How God Used Imperfect Men to Change the World
  7. The Gospel of Luke
  8. The Way Home Princess Story
  9. What Happens When Grace Happens (Wild Grace)

Mike Murdock Books [24 books]

  1. 7 Keys That Will Change Your Life
  2. 7 Keys to 1000 times more
  3. 7 Laws You Must Honor to Have U (EPUB)
  4. 16 Facts About the Presence of God
  5. 31 Reasons People Do Not Receive their Financial Harvest
  6. How to Turn Your Mistakes into Miracles
  7. Secrets of the Richest Man Who Ever Lived
  8. The 3 Most Important Things in Your Life
  9. The Assignment Vol. 2: The Anointing and The Adversity
  10. The Assignment Vol 3: The Trial and The Triumphs
  11. The Assignment Vol. 4: The Pain and The Passion
  12. The Book that Changed my Life
  13. The Businessman’s Topical Bible
  14. The Law of Recognition
  15. The Mentor’s Manna on Assignment
  16. The Proverbs 31 Woman
  17. The Uncommon Minister Volume 1
  18. The Uncommon Minister Volume 2
  19. The Uncommon Minister Volume 3
  20. The Uncommon Minister Volume 4
  21. The Uncommon Minister Volume 5
  22. The Uncommon Minister Volume 6
  23. The Uncommon Wife
  24. The Uncommon Woman

Morris Cerrulo Books [23 books]

  1. A Message to the Seven Churches (EPUB File)
  2. America in Crisis (EPUB File)
  3. Antichrist Peace Is Coming to Israel Twin (EPUB File)
  4. Babylon — Capital for the Antichrist (EPUB File)
  5. Eyes to See_ The Uncanny Nature of Spirit (EPUB File)
  6. Gideon’s Lesson in the Spirit (EPUB File)
  7. How to Prosper in the Current Financial Crisis
  8. Jeshua Hamashiah
  9. Taking God’s Power
  10. The Miracle Book
  11. The Post Rapture
  12. Stammering Lips – Speaking Before Kings
  13. The Four Horsemen
  14. The Jewish Temple Will Rise Once Again
  15. The New Proof Producers
  16. The Seven Trumpets (EPUB File)
  17. The Seven Vials of Wrath (EPUB File)
  18. The Spirit of Prophecy (EPUB File)
  19. The Unholy Unity (EPUB File)
  20. Upon Wings as an Eagle_ A Guide to Spiritual Success
  21. Warriors Who Touched the Heart of God Through Intercession
  22. You Can Know How to Defeat Satan
  23. Your Turning Point

Myles Munroe Books [26 Books]

  1. Keys for Change
  2. Keys for Leadership
  3. Maximizing Your Potential
  4. 365 Day Devotional on Potentials
  5. Overcoming Crisis
  6. Power of Character in Leadership
  7. Principles and Benefits of Change
  8. Principles and Power of Vision
  9. Reclaiming God’s Original Purpose
  10. Rediscovering Kingdom Worship
  11. Rediscovering the Kingdom
  12. Releasing Your Potential
  13. Spirit of Leadership
  14. The Fatherhood Principle
  15. The Glory of Living
  16. The Holy Spirit, Governor of The Kingdom
  17. The Most Important Person on Earth
  18. The Principle and Power of Kingdom Citizenship
  19. The Purpose and Power of Love and Marriage
  20. The Purpose and Power of Praise and Worship
  21. Uncover Your Potential
  22. Understanding the Purpose Of MEN
  23. Understanding Your Potential
  24. Unleash Your Purpose
  25. Waiting and Dating
  26. Wisdom from Myles Munroe

Stormie Omartian Books [35 books]

  1. 10 Minutes to Powerful Prayer
  2. 30 Days to Becoming a Woman of Prayer
  3. A Book of Prayers for Young Women
  4. Choose Love
  5. Greater Health God’s Way
  6. I Talk to God About How I Feel
  7. Just Enough Light for the Step
  8. Lead Me, Holy Spirit
  9. Lord, I Want to Be Whole
  10. Out of Darkness
  11. Powerful Prayers for Troubled Times
  12. Prayer Warrior
  13. Prayers for Emotional Wholeness
  14. Praying God’s Will for Your Life
  15. A Story of Forgiveness
  16. The Power of Praying for Your Adult Children
  17. The Power of a Praying Husband
  18. The Power of a Praying Kid
  19. The Power of a Praying Life
  20. The Power of a Praying Nation
  21. The Power of a Praying Parent
  22. The Power of a Praying Teen
  23. The Power of a Praying Wife
  24. The Power of a Praying Wife Devotional
  25. The Power of a Praying Wife Prayer and Study Guide
  26. The Power of a Praying Woman
  27. The Power of a Praying(r) Husband
  28. The Power of a Praying(r) Parent
  29. The Power of a Praying(r) Wife
  30. The Power of a Praying(r) Woman
  31. The Power of Prayer to Change Your Marriage
  32. The Power of Praying Through the Bible
  33. The Power of Praying(r) for Your Adult Children
  34. The Prayer That Changes Everything
  35. The Prayer That Makes God Smile

Oral Roberts Books [13 books]

  1. 3 Most Important Steps to Your Better Health
  2. All You Ever Wanted to Know About Angels
  3. Attack Your Lack
  4. Deliverance from Alcohol
  5. How To Resist The Devil And His Demons
  6. If You Need Healing Do These Things
  7. Seed Faith
  8. The Holy-Spirit In The Now I
  9. The Holy-Spirit In The Now II
  10. The Holy-Spirit In The Now III
  11. The Holy-Spirit In The Now IV
  12. The Second Coming Of Jesus
  13. Unleashing The Power Of Praying In The Spirit

Pastor E.A Adeboye Books [7 books]

  1. Christian Moderator
  2. Deadly Enemy of Man
  3. Divine Favour
  4. Fruit of the Spirit
  5. God of Wonders
  6. Lessons from the Sower
  7. Prevailing Prayers

Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo Books [3 books]

  1. Failsafe Leadership
  2. The Coming Wealth Transfer
  3. The Uncommon Blessing

Dr. Paul Enenche Books [5 books]

  1. 10 Principal Secrets of Principal People
  2. Making Full Proof of Ministry
  3. Go in This Thy Might
  4. 21 Foolish Things People Do
  5. Reason for Living

Priscilla Shirer Books [2 books]

  1. Discerning the Voice of God
  2. The Resolution for Women

Ravi Zacharias books [14 books]

  1. Jesus Among Other gods
  2. Kingdom of the Cults
  3. Has Christianity Failed You
  4. I, Isaac, Take Thee, Rebekah
  5. New Birth or Rebirth__ Jesus Talks with Krishna
  6. The Grand Weaver_ How God Shapes Us
  7. Real Face of Atheism
  8. Recapture the Wonder
  9. Sense and Sensuality
  10. The End of Reason
  11. The Lotus and the Cross
  12. The Logic of God
  13. Walking from East to West
  14. Why Jesus

Reinhard Bonnke Books [8 books]

  1. Baptism in The Holy Spirit
  2. Evangelism by Fire
  3. Even Greater_ 12 Real-Life Stories That Will Inspire You
  4. Holy Spirit – Revelation and Revolution
  5. Living a Life of Fire
  6. Raised from the Dead
  7. Faith_ The Link with Gods Power {EPUB ENC File]
  8. Taking Action – Reinhard Bonnke {EPUB ENC File]

Rick Joyner Books [14 books]

  1. Epic Battles of the Last Days
  2. Overcoming Racism
  3. Overcoming the Accuser
  4. Overcoming the Spirit of Poverty
  5. Overcoming Witchcraft
  6. The Fire That Could Not Die
  7. The Quest & The Call
  8. The Surpassing Greatness of His Power
  9. The World Aflame
  10. There Were Two Trees in the Garden
  11. Visions Of The Harvest
  12. The Call
  13. The Final Quest
  14. When God Walked The Earth

Rick Warren Books [7 books]

  1. Bible Study Methods
  2. The Purpose Driven Church
  3. The Daniel Plan
  4. The Daniel Plan Journal
  5. The Lord’s Prayer
  6. The Purpose of Christmas
  7. The Purpose Driven Life

Robert Henderson Books [2 books]

  1. Breaking Curses in the Courts of Heaven
  2. Operating in the Courts of Heaven

Roberts Liardon Books [36 books]

  1. Religious Politics
  2. The School of the Spirit
  3. God’s Generals: Charles Finney
  4. A Call to Action_ Killing Giant
  5. God’s General: Aimee Semple McPherson
  6. Breaking Controlling Powers
  7. Don’t Let the Devil Destroy Your Purpose
  8. Forget Not His Benefits
  9. God’s Generals: Smith Wigglesworth
  10. God’s Generals: Evan Roberts
  11. God’s Generals: The Healing Evangelists
  12. God’s Generals: The Martyrs
  13. God’s Generals: The Missionaries
  14. God’s Generals: The Revivalists
  15. Gods Generals: The Roaring Reformers
  16. Gods Generals: Why They Succeed
  17. God’s Generals: William Branham
  18. Haunted Houses, Ghosts and Demons
  19. How to Stay in Your High Calling
  20. How to Survive an Attack
  21. Invading Force
  22. Knowing People by the Spirit
  23. Life After Death_ What I Saw in Heaven
  24. Maria Woodworth-Etter: A Complete Collections
  25. Breaking Controlling Powers Revised Edition
  26. Holding to the Word of the Lord
  27. Forget Not His Benefits
  28. How to Get Your Spirit in Shape
  29. I Saw Heaven
  30. Spiritual Timing
  31. The Price of Spiritual Power
  32. The Quest for Spiritual Hunger
  33. Run to the Battle
  34. Sharpen Your Discernment
  35. The Azusa Street Revival
  36. We Saw Heaven

Sam Adeyemi Books [3 books]

Ideas Rule the World
Coaching Programme
What I Would Do Differently

Smith Wigglesworth Books [11 books]

  1. Pentecost Classics
  2. Greater Works
  3. The Apostles of Faith
  4. Sonship by Smith Wigglesworth
  5. The Ministry of the Flaming Sword
  6. Apostle of – Stanley Howard Frodsham
  7. The Complete Collections of His Teachings
  8. Faith That Prevails
  9. A Life Ablaze with the Power of God
  10. Prayer, Power and Miracle
  11. Smith Wigglesworth Secrets

Steve Farrar Books [9 books]

  1. Anchor Man: How a Father Can Anchor His Family in Christ for the Next 100 Years
  2. Finishing Strong: Going the Distance for Your Family
  3. God Built
  4. How to Ruin Your Life by 30: Nine Surprisingly Everyday Mistakes You Might Be Making Right Now
  5. King Me: What Every Son Wants and Needs from His Father
  6. Point Man: How a Man Can Lead His Family
  7. Standing Tall: How a Man Can Protect His Family
  8. Tempered Steel: How God Shapes a Man’s Heart through Adversity
  9. True Courage: Emboldened by God in a Disheartening World (Bold Man of God)

TD Jakes Books [24 books]

  1. Are You Ready__ Nothing But the Blood of Jesus
  2. Celebrating marriage
  3. Daddy Loves His Girls_ Discover a Love Your Heavenly Father Offers that an Earthly Father Can’t
  4. Destiny_ Step into Your Purpose
  5. Don’t Settle for Safe
  6. Experiencing Jesus: God’s Spiritual Workmanship in the Believer (Six Pillars from Ephesians)
  7. God’s Provision For Your Every Need
  8. Healing, Blessings, and Freedom
  9. Help Me to Fit in My Own Church
  10. He-Motions_ Even Strong Men Struggle
  11. Hope for Every Moment: Inspirational Thoughts to Help You Every Day of the Year
  12. Instinct__The Power To Unleash The Inborn Drive
  13. Intimacy With God: The Spiritual Worship of the Believer (Six Pillars from Ephesians)
  14. Let It Go_ Forgive So You Can Be Forgiven
  15. Life Overflowing (Six Pillars For Abundant Living)
  16. Loved by God: The Spiritual Wealth of the Believer (Six Pillars from Ephesians)
  17. Overcoming the Enemy
  18. Release Your Anointing: Tapping the Power of the Holy Spirit in You
  19. Reposition Yourself_ Living Life Without Limits
  20. T. D. Jakes Speaks to Men, 3-in-1
  21. TD Jakes_ 70 Greatest Life Lessons – Sarah Roosevelt
  22. When Power Meets Potential: Unlocking God’s Purpose in Your Life
  23. Why: Because You Are Anointed
  24. Wisdom from T. D. Jakes

Terry Law Books

The Truth About Angels

Tim LaHaye Books [15 books]

Spirit-Controlled Temperament
The Act of Marriage
Tim LaHaye 1 – Left Behind
Tim LaHaye 2 – Tribulations
Tim LaHaye 3 – Nicolae
Tim LaHaye 4 – Soul Harvest
Tim LaHaye 5 – Apollyon
Tim LaHaye 6 – Assassins
Tim LaHaye 7 – The Indwelling
Tim LaHaye 8 – The Mark
Tim LaHaye 9 – Desecration
Tim LaHaye 10 – The Remnant
Tim LaHaye 11 – Armageddon
Tim LaHaye 12 – Glorious Appearing
Why You Act the Way You Do

TL Osborn Books [8 books]

  1. 5 Choices for Women Who Win – Daisy Osborn
  2. New Life for Women – Daisy Osborn
  3. Soulwinning
  4. God’s Love Plan
  5. TL Osborn Testimony
  6. Three Keys to The Book of Acts
  7. Women & Self-Esteem – Daisy Osborn
  8. You Are God’s Best

Watchman Nee Books [25 books]

  1. A Living Sacrifice
  2. A Short Biography
  3. Aids to Revelation
  4. Back to the Cross
  5. Balanced Christian Life
  6. Basic Elements of the Christian Life Vol III
  7. Body of Christ a Reality
  8. From Faith to Faith
  9. How to Study the Bible
  10. Let Us Pray
  11. Love Not the World
  12. Not I but Christ
  13. Spirit of the Gospel
  14. Spiritual Authority
  15. The Communion of the Holy Spirit
  16. The Ministry of God’s Word
  17. The Normal Christian Church Life
  18. The Overcoming Life
  19. The Release of the Spirit
  20. The Spiritual Man
  21. The Spiritual Man Vol. I
  22. The Spiritual Man Vol. II
  23. The Spiritual Man Vol. III
  24. The Breaking of the Outer Man
  25. Worship God

Zac Poonen Books [24 books]

  1. A Good Foundation
  2. A Heavenly Home
  3. A Spiritual Leader
  4. A Girls Viewpoint Annie Zac Poonen
  5. Amazing Facts by Zac Poonen
  6. Beauty for Ashes
  7. Finding God’s Will
  8. Gaining God’s Approval
  9. God Centered Praying
  10. God Made Mothers _Annie Zac Poonen
  11. Know Your Enemy
  12. Knowing God’s Ways
  13. Living as Jesus Lived
  14. Needed Men of God
  15. New Wine in New Wineskins
  16. Practical Discipleship
  17. Principles of Serving God
  18. Secrets of Victory
  19. Sex, Love and Marriage
  20. The Final Triumph
  21. The Full Gospel
  22. The Lord and His Church
  23. The New Covenant Servant
  24. The Purpose of Failure

IMPORTANT NOTE: We believe you were able to get the specifc books you need. And we also believe that you would not only hoard this vital knowledge to yourself, kindly share with some of your friends that need them. Also, if there is a particular book you couldn’t get, kindly drop the name of the book and the author in the comment section below and we will get the book across to you in no time. God bless you.

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